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All sessions, including content discussed remains completely confidential. I will not disclose any information, unless agreed with the client’s otherwise. 

However, confidentiality will be broken if I feel you or someone else are at the risk of being hurt or in an unsafe environment. In these circumstances, I will need to inform services as appropriate such as your GP, Social Services or the Police or any other needed. I will also endeavour to keep you informed beforehand.

Personal Development

I undertake regular supervision and continued professional development and I do not use personal details of clients I see. I also keep session notes, which is only owned by Taslim Hassan. I am also ICO registered.


As per the Data Protection Act 2018, you have every right to view records about the sessions we have and these are available upon request. If you would like me to remove your details from the system, you have right to request for this.


Please allow 24 hours for cancellations. Cancellations of less than 24 hours will be chargeable.  If a counselling session is missed, I will be proactive and will take responsibility for arranging an alternative date as soon as possible.

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