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Hi again!

Hope you're enjoying the mental health posts so far.

Whilst thinking about our mental health, it's important to make sure we take good care of ourselves, including our physical and emotional well-being. After all health is wealth! Let's treasure ourselves and take that leap of faith to keep the trust within us alive.

I came across this lovely image whilst doing some browsing and thought why not share. Below is a useful representation by @stmartinsmh of tips we can follow to ensure we're emotionally healthy. Any more you can add?

One thing I love about this is its simplicity and effectiveness. The message is subtle, yet so impactful. Sometimes we can end up easily ignoring our needs and try to "get on with thing," but what we forget is that nurturing can take us a long way ahead. Whether you speak to someone in confidence or even give yourself time out to just process, it's a big achievement 💯. Keep up the good work 💪

Any tips you'd like to share? Feel free to connect ☺️

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