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The 7 Doctor!


First I'd like to ask, how are we today? Self care is really important and looking after ourselves is a helpful way forward.

As we're nearing to end of our self care theme, I thought it's best to share about our connection of self care with nature, coping strategies and appreciation.

To me, nature has a lot of benefits. We can

  • Explore our surroundings

  • Get fresh air, which means a healthy intake of CO2

  • It can be so colourful with the sky, flowers, leaves and grass

  • It can be peaceful.and quiet, with maybe hints of bliss with the birds chirping

  • And I'm sure there's a lot more...

This image by @Sketchesinstillness also helps us to remind ourselves that nature and techniques can be just as beneficial to us.

So which one resonates with me? Well the answer to that would be laughter. To make someone laugh can be a huge challenge and I'm sure a lot of people would agree! But you know, we don't even need a reason to laugh. Sometimes we can just give ourselves permission to do it. I recognise personal life changes and experiences can play a significant role in how we feel and there can be times where we just can't laugh due to the increased overwhelm. I want you to know you do matter and its OK to take time to process your feelings.

Let's see what works for people and whether you have thoughts about the 7 doctors in the image.

Which one stands out for you? Pick more than one if you like ❤

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