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Supporting someone with mental health issues

Hi everyone. Hope you're well.

We're almost at the end of our theme GENERAL MENTAL HEALTH and so far, we've explored different ways to manage our mental health.

As mental health tends to be an invisible struggle as opposed to a physical injury for instance, it can be hard for many people to articulate their emotions as they may either feel as though they'd be judged or misunderstood. Hence its important to understand the relevance of what is being said verbally or via poor body language.

On the other hand, people may spot the signs and want to support those who need it, but feel stuck as mental health is such a sensitive topic.

whilst thinking about this, I was having a browse and came across this poster by I thought it can be handy to share tips on how to support those who have their own personal struggles. Below are some useful questions and empathic responses we can try. Do you have more you'd like to share? Please feel free to like and comment.

Also you're welcome to message me on for support. You're not alone, sending lots of best wishes

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