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Sensory Overload

Hello! Hope we're all doing well.

Today, I went for an early morning walk and I was thinking about our natural surroundings such as the greenery. When I think of nature, it symbolises peace, serenity and a source of calmness. And really, it's like feeling on top of the world with lots of positive energy!

Moving on, I was then walking to the local supermarket which was pretty crowded with it being the weekend and during this time, I was somewhat conscious about those who struggle with ADHD, Autism/Asperger's and Social Anxiety. It was like a thought crossing my mind that "how must it really feel like for those who don't feel comfortable around others or even being in a noisy place?" Sometimes, it can be so hard to just be in that environment.

Coincidentally, this is where I came across this image about sensory overload. I was having a breather and thought I'd just go on Pinterest and look at some sort of diversions. So my thoughts upon seeing this image on sensory overload self-care reminded me of a couple of things which I'd like to bring to light.

Sometimes we can end up having times where:

  • We just want to hide and gain some peace and quiet.

  • We want to feel safe and comfortable within our environment.

  • We want to be free from judgements and chaos

 There's some further handy pointers in the image by @BlessingManifesting can help us to feel these emotions and self care. Why not give it a try if you need and let's share our experiences together.

If you/anyone you know would like further support, please feel free to reach out.

If you would like further support, please feel free to get in touch

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