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Keep Calm and Take Care!

Hi again!

We're 4 days into the New Year and many of us may be trying to find a ground into our routines, whether it's work, studies, caring responsibilities or even a chilling out phase.

I came across this message and I thought "we surely need this reminder!"

Whatever you may be doing right now, always remember to keep calm and take care of yourself

As you may have grasped, I enjoy writing mental health articles in my free time. I will be writing according to themes per month and SELF CARE will be the first one for January. I've also had requests pouring in to write about the same so I'm thrilled to say I will be sharing this soon, so do watch out this space!

Also, I am available to see new clients for counselling and also offer supervision to those in helping professions as well as trainees. Do have a browse of my website

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