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It's all about loving yourself

Hello! Hope we're all well.

We're at the end of January (that's gone by quickly!) and also with our "Self Care" Theme.

When I think of self-care, I imagine it being at the top of my to do list everyday, no matter how we feel. Whether we're going through great times, ok-ish times or not the best of times, it's always important to put our needs first. ❤️ I want you to all know that I'm proud of you for trying your best. Even if you haven't always felt motivated, just the sign of you giving yourself permission to rest is a huge step forward. And for all of you, keep going! 🥳

Over the month, we've briefly looked at coping strategies and different types of situations where self care can make a difference. I genuinely hope this has helped you, just like it has helped me so far.

I thought let's have a bold statement about self care that we can carry forward, hence I opted for this one by @TaraBrach. Although not many would agree at first instance about self care changing your life, it's worth seeing it as an opportunity to keep growing. Do you have more self-care quotes you'd like to share? Please feel free to unleash those words of wisdom 😀😀

During the month of February, the theme will be "What is Mental Health" and once again, I will be posting a short article of the same during the middle of the month, so do watch this space! Also feel free to browse my website and if you would like to book sessions with me or even have a single session therapy, do get in touch. See you next month! 🤩

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