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Growth Mindset


How are we all?

Today's post focusses on the Growth Mindset.

To me, the growth mindset is like a breath of fresh air. It can be updated on a daily basis and it can be so unique to us, that we learn to adapt to it at our own pace. It reflects positivity and includes a wealth of knowledge, a wealth of experience and you know, a wealth of just embracing yourself for who you are.

We all are unique individuals and we all have some good and some not so good days. But that's what life is all about, right?!

so what is actually the growth mindset? This can include motivational factors such as support from our family/friends or peers or it could even be an internal self-talk process that helps us to get by. We need to keep in mind that not everyday may be the same and we may not always feel upbeat all the time, but that's ok. The growth mindset is about giving yourself permission to take things steady and slow, with no added pressure. It's a way of learning.

Whilst I was just doing my thing and browsing the web, I stumbled across this image by @ekwiensW and thought it's a good framework to help us move forward gently.

Always remember, it's ok to take your time to process and heal.

Feel free to share your ways of promoting the Growth Mindset.

Sending best wishes from Taslim Counselling & Supervision

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