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Embrace the Imperfections!!

Hi again! How are we all doing? I was thinking this morning about a lot of things, that led me to think of the "what if..." moments. I then wondered if that was a part of me feeling the need to be prepared and plan my events for the day. It made me realise that sometimes we do go through phases of wanting to be perfect or near-perfect, but that's okay! You're only human at the end of the day, right? As humans, it's important to remember our strength comes from the imperfections we have.

I came across this reminder below and felt a WOW moment, helping me to realise I really don't have to be perfect, so thought why not share :) To all those people who need a friendly reminder and are experiencing struggles of their own, I want you to know "You are allowed to be imperfect and give yourself gentle permission to embrace the imperfections."

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