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Depression Scales

Hey. Hope you're finding the posts informative so far.

Today, I thought I'd share my brief experiences around my work. I have experienced clients telling me about how they feel but sometimes they can be put in a situation where they don't feel fully understood, so I thought it might help to share the scale of depression so it can help us all to understand the impacts of depression as a whole - thank you @selfloverainbow for this. Like we explored in the previous blog post, sometimes the positioning of how one feels can differ on a day to day or even hour to hour basis and hence it can help to create your own scale of how to feel better and share coping strategies.

This is where I came across these worksheets, so let's be interactive here! These worksheets can be found on the web in google search results under depression scales and it is free to download too - do give it a go and share your thoughts.

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