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Coping Strategies For Depression

Hi everyone.

Today, I want you to thank yourselves for being you and getting through successfully. Life has its highs and lows and you might even be facing the odds or even be on a positive roll, but appreciating yourself is always key.

With depression, there can be a lot of challenges such as struggling to keep yourself motivated and not wanting to get out of bed. Although depression can have it's struggles,

I thought it's time to focus on the positive side and hence I came across this poster that explains the types of coping skills you could use to help manage the feelings. Sometimes it can take a while to build the motivation to do things, but you can do it (at your own pace of course). Always remember, you and your health matters and it's ok not to be ok.

Referring back to the image, f

or me, the coping skills that shine through is mindfulness, distraction and emotional awareness. As you all may know, I enjoy writing and expressing myself. Even if it's been a hard day, it can help to place my feelings from pen to paper. What do you do to help yourself cope? Any types you feel connected to? Feel free to share

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