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Coping Statements

Hi everyone. Hope you're well.

I hope you're finding the posts informative and helpful so far.

As many may know, managing depression can be really hard as moods can fluctuate and affect out levels of motivation. Some days can be much more harder than others and it can affect the way we think about ourselves in the process. Sometimes it can help saying kind things to yourself to ease the pressure and acknowledge you're only human. Below are some handy statements by @journey_to_wellness that demonstrates it's ok to take your time to process gently. Are there any more coping statements you can add?

My favourite statement I say daily is that "this phase will pass." Remembering thoughts can change and become fluid over time helps us to recognise how we can adapt. Of course, it's not always easy especially when there's been a lot of challenges, but just giving yourself that opportunity to try and move forward is a big step forward.

What are your thoughts? Any statements that stand out to you? Feel free to share and comment

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