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20 Tips For Coping With Depression


Hope we're all doing well. :)

As we all may know, depression can be very challenging and it can take a lot out of us physically and emotionally. Sometimes we can feel as though we just need a break and need to refocus on our wellbeing. Let me assure it's ok not to be ok and it's also ok to take things slow and steady. I understand it can be difficult to open up when you have a lot going on internally and there may be that fear of being judged or misunderstood. There may be times you're trying to divert your mind and then other times where you feel emotionally exhausted. Getting the right balance of self care can be hard too and this when I thought it might help to share some additional coping strategies and that's when I came across this from @camhs.

I'd like to add although there are 20 coping strategies, it might be that all may not be effective for the moment and that's ok. As long as you try at your own pace, that's what matters. Are there any more strategies you'd like to add or even adapt to change? Let's spread the word and keep supporting each other.

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